Hello, my name is Anna Canicosa. I am a UX Research Designer based in San Francisco.

With 7+ yrs of experience in Technology, I like to combine my psychology, creativity, and technology experiences together to better lives by transforming user research insights into actionable design solutions.

Case Studies

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Ray Clarke, Founder

Over the past 1.5 years I have met many people with much experience in varying fields to discuss my vision.  Anna has identified and provided the most constructive and relevant feedback to date.  She quickly understood me and all the angles to my vision which in my opinion is the key fundamental to a successful design project.  I would highly recommend her.

Julia DeBari, Design Manager

Anna's previous background and team management skills really allowed her to shine with both User Research & Design. Her detail-orientedness, curiousness, and natural friendliness allowed her to create strong user research plans, implement that research effectively, and pull key insights out of that research. Her designs are well-executed and she is comfortable with presenting to various audiences. 

Leo Osahor, Founder & CEO

Anna led the design team with the task of reviewing our live iOS/Android application, and taking a completely different approach to redesigning the app. In this effort, the team analyzed the current app, conducted user research with our target market, completed the app redesign proposals, and tested their proposals with usability testing. Her listening, communication, and leadership skills were all exemplary. 

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